Design and Development

This project consisted on design and developing the new Rows AI page.


Figma was the design tool chosen for this project. It’s exceptional for website design due to its collaborative features, enabling seamless real-time collaboration among team members regardless of geographical locations.

Its cloud-based platform ensures that designers, developers, and stakeholders can work concurrently on a project, fostering efficient communication and reducing the need for cumbersome file exchanges.

Additionally, Figma’s versatile interface allows for the creation of responsive designs, making it an ideal tool for designing websites that adapt gracefully to various screen sizes and devices.

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Rows x SpyralAgency

This project was the second collaboration between Rows and SpyralAgency and this is what Henrique Cruz (Head of Growth) had to say:

“Working with Spyral Agency on our website has been a wonderful experience. Their blend of professionalism, promptness, and high-quality deliverables makes them an invaluable partner. One of the aspects I value the most is their ability to swiftly adapt and implement feedback. If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient development agency, they are the ones to call.”

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