Get to know our projects

Mind Your Health

Building confidence in Mental Health prevention, intervention and postvention. Mind your health is a UK-based organisation that provides Continuing Professional Development (CPD) educational settings locally and internationally.

Honesty group

In 2014 honesty group was born. A bakery that wanted to stand out in the market for the quality of the cooking. It was important for them to prove that real good food could get to the consumer at a reasonable price.

Emu Bikes

Emubikes is a British company formed in 2014 with the purpose to bring value and style to the electric bike market. The Emu is one of the highest quality electric bikes available with a unique design, researched and specified by experts from the UK and Europe.


A digital agency results-driven that’s just as invested in the success of its clients as the clients are themselves. The three key values of this company are Ambition, Approachability, Integrity.
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