Always evolving

A very challenging project that started as a simple marketing website, that evolved to a platform to list rooms and their availability and ended up with a real time integration with a third party booking supplier.

ACF Custom blocks

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) blocks empower WordPress developers and content creators to build highly customizable and dynamic content layouts. These blocks leverage the flexibility of ACF to create modular content sections with various fields, enabling users to easily input and manipulate diverse types of content.

ACF blocks seamlessly integrate with the WordPress block editor, allowing for an intuitive and visually-driven content creation experience. This integration ensures that users can add, rearrange, and customize ACF blocks directly within the familiar WordPress interface, streamlining the process of crafting engaging and unique page layouts.

With ACF blocks, developers have the versatility to tailor the editing experience and content structure, offering a powerful tool for enhancing the design and functionality of WordPress websites.

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What is an API integration?

API integration, or Application Programming Interface integration, refers to the process of connecting and enabling communication between two or more software applications through their respective APIs. An API is a set of rules and tools that allows different software applications to communicate with each other. API integration facilitates the exchange of data and functionalities, enabling seamless interaction between disparate systems.