Custom theme

Fitbod approached us with the goal of applying a whole new look’n’feel and experience to their website. Being already built with WordPress, it was a no brainer that we would focus on building an easy to use backend, empowering the client to build their own pages.

What is a custom theme?

A WordPress custom theme is a unique and tailor-made design for a WordPress website that is created to meet specific design, branding, and functional requirements. Unlike using pre-built or off-the-shelf themes, a custom theme is built from scratch or extensively customized to suit the specific needs and preferences of the website owner.

A few key advantages:

  1. It’s built for you, not a hundred more websites;
  2. Performance can be optimized as there are no secrets within the code;
  3. It’s much more SEO friendly than an out-of-shelf solution;
  4. Brand consistency is guaranteed since there are no compromises on design, fonts, colours, …
  5. Using custom blocks allows you to create unique looking pages that will elevate you from your competitors
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Customer feedback

SpyralAgency put in the effort from the beginning to understand our vision, feature set and user base – which we highly appreciated. Constant communication paired with strong design intuition and technical skills was key to deliver everything we asked for, even with tight deadlines.

Jesse Venticinque
Co-Founder & CPO at Fitbod